Music Stew, Volume One
A limited quantity
of our first compilation CD is still available!

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Music Stew, Volume 2
Savory, spicy and toothsome ingredients  from more of our favorite songwriters.

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Our new compilation CD "Music Stew, Volume 2" is here. Buy 5 or more CD's and get one free!
Chew on this flavorful blend of savory, spicy and toothsome ingredients from more of our favorite songwriters.

David Hopkins - Bright Light

Doug Blumer - Girl of my Dreams

Kate Isenberg - No Need

Monica Pasqual - It Wasn't Me

lemom juju - Other Girl

Ilene Adar - Blue Love

Stephen Yerkey - We Don't Get to Watch the Trains

austin willacy - sad, sad song

A.J. Roach - Hard Being Right

Mokai - It Ain't What You Is, It'sWhat You Ain't

Vanessa Lowe - Carry Me Home

Julietta Hay - Are You the One?

Mary Elizabeth Beckman - All the Way to Blue

Daryl Scairiot - I Named You for a Song

Jeff Pehrson - Cross My Heart

Kwame Copeland - Ghost

Lisa Mandelstein - Post Mortem

Gary Thomsen - I Don't Do Like the Cowboys Do


A limited quantity of our first compilation CD, "Music Stew, Volume One" is still available. Don't miss out on this selection of aural delights from some of our favorite singer/songwriters.

"Music Stew, Volume One"


Jim Brunberg - "Nitty Gritty Streets of Home"

 Amy Cray - "101"

Veronica Lustre - "Midnight Interstate"

 Andy Finn - "Violet"

Noe Venable - "Hotel de la clef d'or"

 Jhene Canody - "The Cowboy Song"

David Sobel - "Reunion"

 Mario DeSio & Mario Speedwagon - "Mexican Taxi"

Kenni - "Make It Without You"

 Megan Barton - "Durango to Silverton"

Jane Selkye - "Every Seven Years"

 Ira Marlowe - "Vaudeville"

Join in the feast! CDs are available at the cafe for $15 or may be ordered by mail at the cafe address. Please include an additional $1.50 for shipping.

*contains no MSG